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The story of the day, of course, is Mitch McConnell’s announcement that he’d be leaving his Republican leadership position including resigning as Senate Minority leader.

I try to avoid getting involved in party politics or partisan squabbles. I’m more interested in policy. McConnell has played a relatively weak hand pretty well in the Senate but I think his record on policy is mixed and that’s because the establishment Republican record on policy is mixed. As I’ve said before at this point the only thing I’m sure Republicans can agree on is that marginal tax rates should be cut. And that Democrats are bad, of course.

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  • steve Link

    I amy not like him but he was very effective. He made sure the GOP controls SCOTUS so we have GOP politicians controlling the court. Held off a nomination for a Democrat for almost a year. He delayed Dem appointments to other courts and scooted through lots of Repubs. He didnt do much policy wise but his efforts in the courts will have longer lasting effects. Besides, with the crazies running the party not sure he could have done much anyway.


  • Grey Shambler Link

    It’s time, past time, we’re in overtime with Mitch.
    I don’t know who will take his place, but cream rises to the top? Doesn’t it?

  • Zachriel Link

    Grey Shambler: but cream rises to the top

    So does scum.

  • Drew Link

    Good riddance to McConnell. Serial Murderers are effective, too. Let’s be honest. How does he differ from His peers Pelosi and Schumer?

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