The Council Has Spoken!

Here are this week’s Watcher’s Council winners. The winner in the Council post category was Wolf Howling’s “Obama On Iran: A Broken Moral Compass, A Distorted Perception Of Reality”. Second place honors went to The Provocateur for “Too Good To Check: How the Conservative Media Unwittingly Smeared ACORN and Handed Them a Gift”. I voted for both of these posts albeit in the opposite order. I’m not in complete agreement with GW on Iran but I think his post is a good one nonetheless. The reaction in the U. S. to the aftermath of the Iranian election certainly highlights the divide between foreign policy realists and idealists here.

The winning non-Council post was Christopher Badeaux/The New Ledger’s “Through the Looking Glass With Andrew Sullivan”, which I nominated and which some have characterized as the definitive takedown of Mr. Sullivan. Second place honors went to Dry Bones’s “Obama’s 3 AM Phone Call”, which I believe is the first time a cartoon has placed among the Council selections.

The complete results can be found here.

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  • First time a cartoon placed? What a short memory you have!

    What’s interesting is that in both cases the cartoon was nominated by two council members.

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