Super Bowl LVIII

I’m not much of a sports fan but I did watch yesterday’s Super Bowl off and on. I thought it was a more exciting game than I expected and Patrick Mahomes is a great quarterback.

By and large I found the ads, something that many people tune in to the Big Game to watch, fairly ho-hum.

The half-time show demonstrated to me how out of touch I am with contemporary popular music. All I can say about it is that it was certainly high energy.

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  • steve Link

    Haven’t watched halftime in years. I dont pay attention to the commercials either. Wife scans the list the next and looks at ones considered best and lets me know. She doesnt find many worth looking at. I will admit that I watched the postgame a bit longer than usual waiting to see which of the right wing conspiracy theories would come true. I mean, they might be right some day. Maybe they need 8 investigations of the game to find something.


  • Andy Link

    We watch the halftime shows. The NFL seems firmly catering to Gen-X and early Millenials now, so many acts in recent years have been popular with that cohort. Last night was Usher, who is 45 and whose biggest album came out in 2004.

    I thought the ads were pretty disappointing this year. They seemed to focus more on having famous people in them than real creativity.

  • Drew Link

    First half was sloppy on all counts, including some questionable referee calls that went against KC. SF clearly won the 1st half, but only came a way ahead by 7. Uh-oh.

    Best play call of the game: Spagnola calls the blitz on 3rd down (that disrupted Purdy’s pass) with about 2 minutes left. Else SF probably kicks for the SB in regulation. “Money Moody.”

    Final drive? That’s Jordan, Brady, Nicklaus, Woods stuff. A player in total command of his physical and mental game when its on the line. When the game slows down and you feel like you can do anything its magical.

    Few will recall: The Bears idiot GM traded up (UP!!) to bypass Mahomes to draft Mitch Trubisky (N Carolina – didn’t even start until a senior) who couldn’t throw to save his life – but had legs. That idiot GM thought he was a genius because he pulled off the Kaleel Mack trade. So double down!! Heh. After they unloaded Trubisky he hung on as a backup. I think he’s out of the league now.

    Mahomes? Trubisky. Mahomes? Trubisky.

    Anyway. Halftime? Usher? Know the name. Not impressed.

    The commercials? zzzzzzzzz Anyone convinced to buy a product advertised? Anyone have a brand seared into their brain now?

  • Drew Link

    To Andy’s point: And when the commercial has to tell you the name of the celeb. Well….

  • bob sykes Link

    What did you think of the RFK, Jr., ad? Being a seasoned citizen, I recognized many of the images, and they resonated with me, but I didn’t quite get the point. RFK, Jr., himself apologized to his family for the ad, noting that campaign organization was prohibited from coordinating with the PAC that ran it.

  • What did you think of the RFK, Jr., ad?

    I thought it was weird, surreal.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Ad agencies stated in advance that their goal was “not to offend”.
    Seems it’s developed that people expect the ads to be humorous.
    In today’s ultra tolerant, ultra diverse, yet litigious society, humor is very risky.
    Perhaps this should be the model…

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