Squabbling Over the Scraps

The Chicago City Council has appropriate $51 million to pay for feeding and housing the migrants who arrive in Chicago on a daily basis. At ABC 7 Chicago Diane Pathieu, Sarah Schulte, and Eric Horng report:

CHICAGO (WLS) — As debates rage over how to care for migrants arriving in Chicago from Texas, the City Council met Wednesday to consider how to pay for it.

Not everyone is on board with $51 million in financial aid for migrants in Chicago, which is meant to help provide housing.

Many residents voiced their concerns before and during Wednesday’s council meeting.

However, the funding initiative passed with a 34-13 vote.

Before that, CPD had to escort people out of the meeting several times, as Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson asked for a two-minute breather.

“I want to make sure we are conducting the business of the people,” Johnson said.

More than 10,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Chicago since last August. Hundreds are still sleeping on floors in various police departments.

This proposed funding is only expected to last through June.

Aldermen were split on which way to vote, with some saying that money should go to underfunded neighborhoods and others saying this is a sanctuary city that must help those seeking asylum.

$51 million is more than the State of Illinois has appropriated for migrants. It is remarkable that the City of Chicago should be expected to pay the full tab for all of those migrants and $51 million will only pay for a couple of months.

Sad as it is to say neither the city nor the state have any responsibility to house or feed these migrants. The federal government, however, does (at least according to the UNHCR).

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  • Grey Shambler Link

    Since we’re having an open house,

    Crain’s reports 55,000 vacant properties in Cook county.
    Dump them there.
    Or does Chicago’s Democratic leadership want to parent them as well?

  • PD Shaw Link

    The State just passed a budget for a new $550 Million for healthcare for illegal immigrants, far short of the $1.1 Billion that the program is projected to cost; the difference is supposed to be made up by the Governor cutting waste, abuse and fraud and slow-paying vendors. A few months ago, the program gained support with a projected cost of $220 Million, so its clearly a ballooning continuing expanse that is being touted as a moral obligation. I think its clearly a good example of the conflict btw/ uncontrolled immigration and welfare statism.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    IS IT a moral obligation?
    With diseased homeless beggars lining the streets of every major American city, is it an obligation to care for the homeless of the world?
    The 1% say yes but don’t expect them to pay for it.
    The rump middle class says NO, but when they tried to change policy through the democratic process they ran into the captive Justice Department.
    When they challenged THAT, they were sent to prison.
    So here we are.
    If you are a Democrat voter supporting unchecked immigration, don’t forget to open your home as well as you’ve done for America’s homeless. You all have spare bedrooms.
    This really is the least you can do after you send the message South that the border is open.

  • Jan Link

    I think those who govern the nation’s checkbook believe we owe as much as we can give to those crossing our borders illegally. However, their eyes appear to glaze over when it comes to the problems citizens here face.

  • My own view is that those favoring immigration see it as their version of the Peace Corps. By having migrants come here they can help poor people in other countries without leaving their armchairs.

  • the difference is supposed to be made up by the Governor cutting waste, abuse and fraud and slow-paying vendors.

    Ah, yes, the ever-popular waste, abuse, and fraud. The challenge is that a lot of the waste, abuse, and fraud is on the part of the politicians.

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