I’m a daily shopper. Every afternoon I trundle over to my beloved little local grocery store, Happy Foods, and shop. Generally, I buy what’s fresh and what’s on sale.

Today on my regular daily shopping trip what to my wondering eyes did appear on the street that runs between my house and the grocery store but the sign above. I didn’t see any evidence of workmen but the traffic backup suggested to me that a lane ahead was closed. It did bring some questions to mind.

In what universe is patching a city street three years after the recession has ended an effective fiscal stimulus? How is it creating productive infrastructure?

The best that I can see that it does is move a little from the expenses section of Chicago’s balance sheet to the liabilities section of the federal balance sheet.

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  • Icepick Link

    It is telling everyone that President Obama cares about them, and it is doing so right before an election. I would say it is timed perfectly.

  • michael reynolds Link

    Are you forgetting the work that went into making and then placing the sign?

  • PD Shaw Link

    I think if you google about, you’ll find that the Congressman from Caterpillar (not by disposition opposed to roadwork) has been detailing the millions of infrastructure money spent on these signs, and not . . . er . . . infrastructure.

    Please note that Paul Krugman does not approve of this message, nor does he accept the lackadaisical attitude towards aliens and zombies expressed by unserious peoples.

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