No Dream Team

David Broder says what I’ve been saying for months now: that there will be neither a Clinton-Obama ticket nor an Obama-Clinton one.

For Clinton, partnering with Obama, with him on top of the ticket, would either leave her part of a defeated pair in a party that is not generous about second chances or, if they won, probably lock her out of a presidential run until 2016, when she would be 68 — almost John McCain’s age now.


But there is an even better reason for Obama to shun an offer from Clinton. With Bill Clinton poised to move back to the White House if his wife becomes president, the West Wing will be a miserably crowded place. There are almost always jealousies and tensions between the president’s staff and the vice president’s. But add in Bill Clinton’s ego and entourage, and serving there would truly be cruel and unusual punishment for Obama.

He also recaps the scenario that I think is best one for Sen. Obama (if he isn’t elected president, of course):

As for Obama, many of the same arguments apply — with even greater force. He is less enamored of the Senate than is Clinton, but it could provide a comfortable resting place for four or eight years. Or he could go back to Illinois and run for governor in 2010, when incumbent Democrat Rod Blagojevich would be up for a possible third term.

Obama would be a heavy favorite over Blagojevich or anyone else in a primary and over the nominee of the beleaguered Illinois GOP. And winning the governorship would provide the executive experience that may be the biggest gap in his resume.

I continue to believe that Sen. Clinton would have to be crazy to want Sen. Obama as her running mate in the event that she becomes the Democratic Party’s nominee. Sen. Obama’s rock star persona would make her look even less attractive both in person and in personality than she already does.

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