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There’s an interesting article in the New York Times tracing the migrations to and from states in the United States state by state. There are graphics from each state and I have, er, sampled graphics for my native state of Missouri (above) and my home state of Illinois (below).

There are some interesting distinctions between the two states. For example, in the year of my birth and through most of my youth the percentage of those born outside the United States living in Missouri was very small—less than 5%—while the same figure in Illinois was double that or more. I suspect that if you could take that statistic down to the county level you’d find most of the foreign-born in Illinois then living in Cook County and its collar counties. My point here is that this presents a very different life experience.

Another example is the larger percentage of people moving from southern states to Missouri compared with Illinois. I suspect if you coujld drill that down to the county level you’d find most of those southern immigrants in the far southern part of the state, the part bordering Arkansas and Kentucky.

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  • Guarneri Link

    Heh. I went on a wild turkey shoot in so mizzou once. Your Arkansas comment is most assuredly true. As for foreigners in IL, yes, it’s all about that economically important city called Chicago – from meat packing all the way to finance today. Just think if we hadn’t lost the ore boat traffic……

  • Your Arkansas comment is most assuredly true.

    There’s an old Missouri story about a man who moved from Arkansas to Missouri and lowered the average IQ of both states.

  • PD Shaw Link

    I suspect that if we could extend the chart back another 50 years are so, Missouri might even have a larger flow of “outside the United States” than Illinois. Rail trumped rivers.

  • I love that joke one of the southern girls tells:

    Two women are on a tour cruise liner. The southern woman asks the northern woman, “Where do you live at.”

    The northern woman woman says, “In my part of the country we don’t end sentences in prepositions.”

    The southern woman then says, “Where you live at, bitch?”

  • Mr. Dave, do you know why OTB is down?

  • No, I don’t but you’re right. It appears to be down. Will investigate.

  • Upton Sinclair and Theodore Dreiser. I know them well. And Mr. Sandburg.

    My snotwad stepson gave me his complete poems early in my marriage to his father.

    Chicago fascinates me.

  • You have some of the greatest architecture in the country. And jazz. And food.

  • And crime. Just terrific crime.

  • I do go on. But I’m a Reedie, and we think awfully well of ourselves.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Most people currently born in the same state: Louisiana (79%)
    Least: Nevada (25%)

    I’m not surprised LA would be high on the list because of its unique culture, but I am surprised that it is the highest. I know too many Yankees that fell in love with N’Awlins.

    Florida was second least to Nevada, something that may not surprise Elipses.

  • PD Shaw Link

    I found one of the other graphics on the site interesting: How Birth Year Influences Political Views. It confirmed my impression that the Silent Generation was more conservative than Baby Boomers, who were more liberal than Generation X, that were more conservative than Millennials. I’m not sure if the suggested source of the cycle (public events at age 14-24 are important) is persuasive.

  • PD, I’m in a great place for me, but I’m eccentric.

  • To say the least.

  • Me, I’m just trying to keep out of a Tennessee Williams play. I’m way to old to be playing Maggie the Cat.

  • I think that 14-24 cycle could be very important. That’s adolescence, and the body and brain are still developing. There is separation from the parents, and separation anxiety.

    I can’t see why events wouldn’t imprint.

    Based on my SAT’s in about 1974, I run around a 140 IQ. Nothing as impressive as Dave’s. I presume he’s off the charts.

    And I was bopped by events as a young child, over and over. Now I am a strident civil rights advocate. That didn’t come out of nowhere.

    And I am an extreme financial conservative. I have to be. I’m already near retirement age.

    Life sucks, then you die.

  • I am not a plebeian by any means. You cannot know how angry I become when people talk down to me and the people I love.

    Ah- ah-ah!

  • So, even?

  • I was at a Fourth of July party in Natchez, in, I believe, 1984. There was a dentist there who was pawing me and showed me his Mensa card to get in my pants. I punched him. Hard.

    And that’s what southern ladies do.

  • Hell, Julia Fowler, who writes the Southern women series is even crazier than I am.

  • Though I do think “The Two Gracies” is a pretty good line.

  • Mr, Dave? What’s going on over there at OTB? Did I break it?

  • I’m this old:


  • You cut me off, didn’t you Mr. Dave? A prudent old man you be. And a bastard.

  • I can be a snotwad too, you know.

  • Anyway, I visited my gorgeous and smart adviser today, and I’m all registered and paid up to begin classes on Monday. I think I’m being groomed to become head of department. Ms Meredith is becoming older and would like to retire.

    So, there!

  • I’m also going to pursue grief counseling this time. It’s included in my student fees. I weigh 110 pounds. Thank you and all your family. I’ll thrive.

  • But isn’t it a shame about Robin Williams, the Parkinson’s?

  • Honestly, where do the south get all these pretty women? You can’t turn around without knocking into one.

    I had my brows done today at Ulta’s Brow Bar. That girl is as pretty as it gets. Her mother teaches 4th-5th grade science and math at a private school. She did a great job with her daughter.

    Terra does what she does because she likes it, and she’s terrific at it.

  • I look forward to seeing her again. I have an invitation into me adviser’s office at any time. I have a dinner date with Lyman’s cousin, and life doesn’t get much better.

    I have modest needs.

  • It’s a great little school. Just what Louisiana needs. Jindal does get credit for that.

  • It’s modern. Computer stations everywhere and tutoring you won’t believe. Just a little attempting institution. I like it.

    Now, if they’d change the team name, I’d like it even better. Call us “The Trouts” or something.

  • Hell, trouts are challenging enough aren’t they? Men spend a billion dollars to hook ’em.

  • “You don’t need another boat!”

  • You’ll like Kid Creole:


  • Lyman had that waiting for me at home when my mother died.

  • He really was a fine husband. I adored him.

  • Wit almost as good as his mother’s.

  • I have been fortunate in so many ways.

    Like Ray Wylie Hubbard says, ” A day when I am grateful is always a good day.”

  • TastyBits Link

    @ Janis Gore

    But isn’t it a shame about Robin Williams, the Parkinson’s?

    I wonder if it had anything to do with his suicide.

    I have bad shaking, and they sent me to a neurosurgeon. He decided I did not have Parkinson’s. I have a common form of tremors, and he prescribed a medication.

    After researching the medication, I called my psychiatrist and asked her about it. She said I should be OK, but they did use it for some of the patients. Anything that affects the brain will cause me to give her a call.

    You need to tell your nephew that he needs to do the same, and you need to tell his parents and siblings to be aware of any changes in him. They should not be up his ass, but they could research new drugs he may take.

  • TastyBits Link

    @PD Shaw

    In the Deep South, over 50% of the people live where they were born, and in New Orleans, it is over 70%. I tend to forget that most people do not have family living close to them.

    It probably has a lot to do with the poverty rates being higher in the South. I would like to see a comparison of black vs white households and other demographic groups. I think the best poverty program would be U-Hauls and suitcases.

  • TB, they are very aware of all those things. He’s doing great. He’s charming, too. Really something.

    His brother looks like a movie star.

  • Isn’t that baby a darling? She’s four, now.

  • I think the Parkinson’s had everything everything to do with Mr. Williams’ suicide. Michael wrote a truly lovely piece on growing older for a man like Mr. Williams at OTB the other day.

  • This getting old is hell in more than one way.

  • http://youtu.be/4CK-f-Hhij4

    Lyman had that waiting for me, too.

  • Boy was from Columbia, LA. Just about dead center of LA.

  • Getting old beats all known alternatives.

  • I have you still, Ice.

  • Mr. Dave, do you still need “content”?

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