Westminster, 2012

Last night my wife elected not to go to dog training and instead we shared a Valentine’s Day dinner of a small filet, twice-baked potatoes, and asparagus, washed down with a bottle of domestic champagne and watched the second evening of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on television. Lots of nice dogs and we saw several acquaintances handling and in the audience.

The Best in Show winner was the Pekingese. I didn’t see it that way, myself but, then, I’m not crazy about extremely brachiocephalic dogs.


One compliment and one rather catty word on fashions. I liked the dress worn by the woman who judged the Working Group. It was both becoming and fashionable. But why was the woman who judged Best in Show wearing a dust ruffle?

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  • steve Link

    We did much the same thing. If they put me in charge of the show, I will create a dust mop category.


  • You’re being kind. I would create a “Punting Group”.

  • Andy Link

    I would create a group that excels at cleaning up after toddlers at the dinner table.

    I admit I’ve never understood this competition. The “best in show” selection, to my completely untrained eye, seems completely arbitrary.

  • It’s not arbitrary but it is complicated. In theory each dog is judged based on its conformance with the written standard for the individual breed, a tricky proposition at best. In practice showmanship has a lot to do with it.

    It’s also highly political. Sometimes I wonder which end of the lead is being judged.

  • Ben Wolf Link

    You’re right about the Pekingese. That’s one fucking ugly dog.

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