Two In a Row?

How in the world did I miss this on Monday? Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has been formally linked to the ongoing federal corruption investigation going on here:

Federal prosecutors for the first time brought their corruption investigation to the desk of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, making public Friday the allegations of two convicted insiders who say the governor offered them state business for their political backing.

In a 78-page court filing that identifies the governor only as “Public Official A,” federal authorities detailed the accusations of the two former political operatives who have already pleaded guilty in a shakedown scheme and are cooperating with prosecutors.

Blagojevich told one of the men he “could award contracts, legal work and investment banking to help with fundraising,” according to the filing.

Hat tip: Chicago Boyz

Granted that a corruption investigation is practically a lifetime occupation for federal prosecuters here in the Windy City but really. Now that former governor George Ryan is serving his sentence three Illinois governors in my lifetime have served prison terms after their tenures as governor. Will we make it four?

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