Today’s Update on the Pet Food Recall—6/25/2007

That there’s very little in the way of new developments to report is of itself something to report. I’ve read op-eds and editorials published in newspapers from Budapest to Kuala Lumpur against the shoddy safety standards for Chinese products.

Here we are nearly four months into this story and neither the FDA nor the USDA have identified any cause for the poisonings of pets. They’ve specifically rejected the only major candidate (melamine). Not much of a sense of urgency, eh?

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  • sierra anderson Link

    I believe the final thought is that melamine (which was in some product) and cyanic acid (which was in some product) as individuals are not harmful but when mixed can create crystals in the kidneys and do temporary damage –

    since neither is a toxin there is no residual but as a blend they create blockage and can make pets sick

    I doubt that you will see the fda or dept of ag make a definitive statement but if you put all the facts together this becomes the only solution

    when confronted they (fda dept of ag ) have agreed this blend is the only plausable answer – no one in charge (gov or pet food manufacturer) wants to make this an issue because it leads to having to tell the public that if it is the blended product that is the issue, then most of the sick animal claims are simply hysteria.

    We all love our pets (me included) and so a modicum of hysteria is understood – but we don’t always need to have someone to blame.

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