Things Change

The other day as I was going about my ordinary errands I took a few moments off to stop at a house sale in nearby Park Ridge. I spent $10 to buy a few mugs made by a company my wife collects (a savings of several hundred dollars). The house, probably built in the 1930s, was interesting. One of the second floor closets held a meticulously-constructed ladder/set of stairs up to the attic. I had never seen anything quite like it before.

When I stuck my head out the back door, I was startled to see that the entire backyard was occupied by a formal English garden, something one might see in the mansions on the North Shore but that I never expected to see in Park Ridge. I should have taken a picture.

It saddened me a bit. I couldn’t imagine that the next owner won’t rip that garden out. Things change.

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  • Drew Link

    Maybe they won’t. That’s the sort of thing a serious buyer might appreciate and pay a premium for. Let’s hope.

    Here in No GA, the house’s mountain and lake view is simply priceless. (and changes everyday….and intraday) And you pay a premium (although we practically stole the house, in a relative sense). Certain home features attract certain buyers. I look out over a national forest for 30 miles north into the Appalachians out a huge wall of windows. Lake Hiawassee in view. Others may have a nice yard but can waive to their neighbor in their kitchen.

    Both can be happy.

  • steve Link

    We took a stab at a formal English garden. Did OK for a while but it took a lot of work. Hope that someone with the gardening skills and time and energy sees it.


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