They’re Too Old

At Stat Dylan Scott presents a dispassionate analysis of the health of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, based on their physicians’ reports. Basically, they’re both in pretty good health, particularly for their age, 68 and 70, respectively.

There are studies that have found that the incidence of heart failure in individuals over the age of 65 is about 20 per 1,000 person-years. Stress is a substantial contributing factor to risk. My impression is that the presidency is a pretty stressful job. Probably more stressful than Secretary of State or business executive. I don’t have any statistics on the incidence of heart failure without prior indications among those over 65.

IMO both of these candidates are too darned old to be elected president.

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  • walt moffett Link

    Does increase the odds they will one terms presidents though most likely is second term Oval Office ornaments while the insiders feather their nests and cash out.

  • Andy Link

    They are too old, but ambition doesn’t age. Yet another reason to vote third party.

  • steve Link

    I wouldn’t be working that much about heart failure. Neither of them appear to have major risk factors. I would worry more about cognitive dysfunction. Depending upon your study, 20%-50% of people have significant decline by age 70.

    Have to wonder if Trump’s family doctor is really a family member. Proclaiming that Trump is in the best health of any candidate ever sounds like something Trump would say. Good thing those bone spurs disappeared.


  • Depending upon your study, 20%-50% of people have significant decline by age 70.

    I am fortunate that members of my family tend not to be afflicted with the diseases of aging. So, for example, my mom was sharp as a tack right up to the time of her death in her late 80s. When her uncle died in his 90s he was no more dilly than he’d been at 50.

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