There Is a Healthcare Reform Compromise On Hand and Its Name Is Wyden-Bennett

In an interview with Ezra Klein on the contours of a bipartisan compromise on healthcare reform, Lyndsey Graham argues for Wyden Bennett:

You got Republicans arguing give everybody a tax credit. We’re schizophrenic. How many of our bills say we’ll give a tax credit and you go buy the health care you want it? But then we attack Democrats for doing away with employer health care. It makes no sense. Now, they want to give it to the government. We want to give people choices. Wyden-Bennett is a middle ground. We say we’ll do away with the employer’s tax benefits and give that money to the individual but you have to agree that every individual has to be covered and there is a basic plan that has to be covered. That’s where it breaks down on our side.


  1. Provides universal coverage.
  2. Avoids a “public option”.
  3. Isn’t the plan preferred by the House and Senate leadership.
  4. Unlike the plans of the House and Senate leadership, has been approved by the CBO.
  5. Makes serious, fundamental changes in the healthcare system.

That’s your middle ground.

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  • Chris Link

    Most conservatives don’t like Wyden-Bennett either, and even some of the bill’s co-sponsors won’t commit to voting for it. The House and Senate leadership is not the only reason WB isn’t going anywhere.

  • Kill it now!!!!!

    Sensible reform is, I’m begining to think, is just not in the cards.

  • Wyden-Bennett is the best bill out there, and it’s really become frustrating that it isn’t gaining real momentum. That said, it really does create a public option, though it leaves the implementation to the states.

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