The Speech Hasn’t Done It (Update)

I’ve put my analysis of the daily tracking polls after Sen. Barack Obama’s “More Perfect Union” speech over at Outside the Beltway.


Rasmussen Reports has published a commentary that says in more words and with more links essentially what the title of my post said:

Two days after Barack Obama gave the most important speech of his life, it remains unclear what impact the controversy over Pastor Jeremiah Wright will have on the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. However, early data suggests that it has already had a negative impact on Obama’s chances of winning the general election against John McCain. The good news for Obama is that his numbers have stopped falling since his speech on Tuesday. The bad news is that they haven’t bounced back.

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  • I’m not surprised. Were waiting. We want to see whether Obama can take a hit and still keep coming. If he can pick himself I think he’ll get the voters back.

  • Timing is everything. If he comes back before the Pennsylvania primary and narrows the gap with HRC, he may come through in the general. It’s a long time away.

    But if he loses Pennsylvania big it will startle the sheep superdelegates and they may award the nomination to HRC yet in a panic.

  • I, for one, would have found your opinion of Obama’s speech more interesting.

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