The Mirror Has Two Faces

Lots of people in the Right Blogosphere, particularly those with libertarian inclinations, are clasping David Mamet’s Village Voice op-ed chronicling his own political odyssey to their bosoms. I think they’re taking the wrong message away from it. Just as with George McGovern’s op-ed of last week, lots of people, including those who’ve thought of themselves as conservatives and those who’ve thought of themselves as liberals, are looking down in shock and wondering “where’s the rest of me?”. Their erstwhile political homes are unrecognizeable.

My own view is that I don’t much care from whom you take your marching orders whether it be the New York Times or the White House, if you’re not thinking critically about what you’re hearing, you’re only getting part of the story. One nifty idea in the op-ed I’ll paraphrase. Most people don’t have political convictions, just a collection of prejudices.

The op-ed is well worth reading and I think that more than anything else it demonstrates, yet again, that David Mamet is a marvelous writer. A great ear for the spoken word as it really is spoken. It will be a struggle—there’s lots of traffic on the site right now.

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