The Doormat of the National League

I don’t want to let the Cubs loss to the Mets go unremarked upon. The Mets didn’t just defeat the Cubs they clobbered them, winning four games in a row in their best of seven series. The Cubs’ problem was very clearly pitching—their bench just wasn’t as deep as the Mets’.

For those of you who aren’t Chicagoans, the Cubs haven’t won the World Series in living memory—109 years. The oldest living identified Cubs fan, a 101 year old woman, has never seen the Cubs win the World Series and once again loyal Chicago fans have been disappointed.

I can’t remember who said it but being a Cubs fan continues to be the purest form of fandom in sports, untainted by hope of victory.

Wait ’til next year. Or the year after that or the year after that…

With a hat tip to the late, great, much lamented Stevie Goodman:

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  • Guarneri Link

    The difference this time is that the organization is doing things structurally, from the farm system up, in a more sound fashion than in the past. It’s the Redwings/blackhawks/Cardinals etc model.

    With the usual caveats about injury, free agency etc, I’m afraid the Cubs future is now bright. This isn’t your Chicago Tribunes Cubs.

    And I say this with teeth somewhat clenched, as a career White Sox fan.

  • Look at the bright side: maybe we’ll get a subway series.

  • PD Shaw Link

    The bright side for a Cubs fan has to have been beating the Cardinals in the playoffs. I certainly try to cross to the other side of the street when I see them coming.

    Drew, I wouldn’t call it a Cardinals model. This is the Miami Marlins model, tank the team for 6 years to get a boatload of high draft picks, while preparing for a high-spending model like the Boston Red Sox by financing changes to the ballpark and surrounding area for increased revenue. They are pretty much going to have to spend a lot in the free-agent market this Winter for starting pitching, probably need to land David Price in the offseason to keep the momentum.

  • steve Link

    Drew is right, this is a different team than the old Cubs. They have a good nucleus now and they are young. Need to sign or bring up just a couple more key players and pray Arietta isn’t a one season wonder.


  • Guarneri Link

    I don’t follow the Cubs closely, or Cards, so I take your word PD. I think there was also some just plain luck. Cubs had a lot of at bats they simply hit well but right at people. Mets vice versa. Cubs had an injury; Mets had a white hot guy. It happens. In any event, they need a couple arms, and some settling in on proper position and defense, but those boys know how to hit.

    But hey, the Blackhawks are rounding into form rather better than I had even hoped. So all is well with the world.

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