The Argument Against Teaching CRT

You might want to look at this argument against teaching critical race theory by Rick Esenberg and Daniel Lennington at RealClearEducation. After identifying the legal problems with federal programs to teach CRT in the schools the authors arrive at the meat of their argument:

Critical race theory literally teaches children racism. They are placed in groups, labeled oppressors and victims, and taught that America’s system is rigged against persons of color. These are destructive lies that have no place in American schools.


Our schools are places of reason, facts, discovery, and the scientific method. Critical race theory is a Marxist experiment to remake society based on class struggle. It is not an educational tool and certainly should not be funded with taxpayer dollars. The Education Department should abandon this abominable social experiment and remove any reference to critical race theory from these grant programs. America must reject the false promises of “equity” and rededicate itself to equality for all.

I have no objection to teaching the painful, unpleasant facts of American history in the schools. I have no problem with teaching young people, once they have reached an age at which they might understand it, what critical race theory teaches. I do have an objection to teaching that it is true. For example, consider this famous quote from Ibram X. Kendi:

The only remedy for past discrimination is present discrimination.

That is a textbook example of arguing that two wrongs make a right. It is fallacious since it is a relevance error. Furthermore, it benefits people who have not personally experienced the “past discrimination” by punishing people who did not commit that discrimination.

I also object to consciousness-racing exercises in schools. Such exercises serve no healthy function.

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  • bob sykes Link

    Having been a college student during the 60’s Civil Rights movement, and having seen Dr. King’s speeches and interviews on television, I find the current era stupefying. Will we live to see Dr. King’s statue in DC torn down by Progressives, or all the MLK streets and boulevards renamed for the likes of Ibram X. Kendi, or Ilhan Omar, or Bobby Seale, or Malcolm X?

  • Drew Link

    “…or all the MLK streets and boulevards renamed for the likes of Ibram X. Kendi, or Ilhan Omar, or Bobby Seale, or Malcolm X?”

    The way things are going it will be The Honorable Mumia Abu-Jamal Blvd………

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