We have added a new member to our pack. That’s Smidge up above and, as you can see, she’s an Australian Shepherd, just a year-and-a-half of age. Several weeks ago when we were attending a family wedding out in California we seized the opportunity to meet and get to know Smidge. We just loved her and agreed with her breeder that she was a good match for us and our pack. So, after some furious travel arrangements Smidge flew to Chicago Friday night and we picked her up at O’Hare at around 6:30 in the morning.

Here was our first glimpse of Smidge as the baggage attendant wheeled her crate up to us:

Smidge was glad to stretch her legs after being cooped up in the crate for the long plane ride:

Another shot in the parking lot:

We had decided in advance that the best way to introduce her to the pack was for everybody to meet under controlled conditions at a neutral site. We chose our training site, For Your Canine, located just minutes from the airport. Here are my wife and Smidge at For Your Canine:

We introduced our pack one at a time to Smidge. Tally, our old lady, came first. If she could have rolled her eyes, she would have. Her expression said to us “What is it with you guys and dogs? You’ve seen one dog, you’ve seen them all.”

Nola and Smidge immediately took to one another:

As surprised noone, Will was just a big old goof:

I must say that we were very impressed by Smidge’s composure. Our pack can be intimidating.

But she handled the situation with very good grace. Now she’s settling in beautifully and she and Nola have already become the best of friends:

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  • steve Link

    My wife is a dedicated cat person, but I had her close to getting a dog. The Australian Shepherd was going to be it, but alas, plans ganged agley. We used to hold our annual group party at the home of someone who owned an Aussie shepherd. Great fun watching the dog try to group up and gather all of the kids at the gathering.


  • steve Link

    OT, but great paper by Cutler on lack of innovation in health care.


  • We had a dog that would pass as a twin to Smidge show up here as a stray. We would have taken him in, except he was a ‘he’ and we had all females at the time. Our neighbor took him in as her baby and that is probably the most spoiled dog around. So sweet and smart.


    We had as many as seven dogs at one time, most strays we took in, cared for, and found homes for. We only have our one lemon Beagle now, Penelope.

  • Susie G Link

    Great idea about the neutral setting. Successful integration into the pack. Happy Day!! Congratulations.

  • Ann Julien Link

    OOOh, I wish I could be there for some major girl-bonding!!! looks like Nola and Smidge have hit it off, and Smidge is setting the tone for civility as the newbie. She seems like a very cool dog, and I look forward to meeting her in person. Congratulations on this lovely new occasion and on Smidge’s entry into Schuler-dom. Best! Ann

  • Barb Link

    She’s so cute! We would be coming over today with Cubbie if it weren’t a 6 hour drive. I know he will like being at your house even more now. I can’t wait to officially meet your new member of the family. Congratulations! This is going to be fun!

  • Emily Link

    Love at first sight!!! And look, now Nolie has a girlfriend! Tally’s reaction made me crack up. I was like, oh Tally. I love you.

  • Eric Martin Link

    Good luck with your Aussie! We love ours dearly, even though he can be a bit mule-headed at times. Here’s a link of him in action;

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