Skyrim Update

I’m still playing Skyrim, continuing to build a character specializing in stealth. My new character is at Level 41 now with skill levels over 80 in combat with one-handed weapons, light armor, stealth, and lockpicking.

The subplots that are available to me with this character are quite different from those available to my fighter character, so much so that’s almost a completely different and much more difficult game. It’s made even more difficult because I upped the difficulty level.

My fighter character hit a sort of sweet spot at a character level in the upper twenties or lower thirties. After the game was quite easy. I think I’ve just now reached that point with my thief/rogue character in the lower 40s.

I’m actually becoming kind of antsy to cut to the end of the game so I can re-start as a magic user which I anticipate will be much, much more difficult. I just don’t see how the spells that are available are powerful enough to deal with the situations I’ll face.

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  • Sam Link

    I was laid up over the weekend with a minor surgery so I picked up Skyrim. My character is about level 13, mostly bow and sneak skills (a Medieval sniper!). I can get overwhelmed pretty easily if a group of enemies that finds me, but there are several things I can take out with one bow shot. I’ve decided to start working on one handed and light armor so I’m not such easy prey when found.

  • Ben Wolf Link

    I’ve been playing a mage for the last 27 levels and found that conjuration is the best way to stay alive. Having two storm atronachs really takes the pressure off in combat.

  • I still haven’t played Skyrim. Been a couple of months now I think. I had good success with a stealth, archery, light armor, 1 hand weapons, and shields, but in the late 40’s things became increasingly difficult because I was still using the same gear. If I get back to Skyrim, I’d need to invest in alchemy, smithing and enchanting in order to make the really powerful gear to survive at higher levels.

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