Shopping for a Stove

As I think I’ve mentioned before we’re in the process of putting on an addition to our house. We’re three weeks into the process and we’ve taken hundreds of pictures. I really need to start posting about the process—it’s been very interesting.

The new addition will, among other things, expand our little galley kitchen into a full eat-in kitchen.

A few days ago we started considering new stoves actively and I must say I’ve found the process very discouraging. We’ve looked at the web sites of Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Bosch, and Viking. Basically, the web sites are useless. There just isn’t enough information on them. They’re clumsily designed labyrinths, all are of the electronic brochure type, and the only way to get complete information on anything is to download a PDF brochure.

To do that all you need is a web site with two pages: a home page and a page for downloads of all of the brochures. They’d save thousands of dollars with no loss of functionality.

My wife just walked into the room and said “Why don’t we just re-condition the old stove?” (which I’ve been saying for months).

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  • Andy Link

    The latest issue of Consumer Reports reviews all sorts of kitchen-related stuff including stoves. Check it out. Their product advice has always served me well.

  • I’m a big fan of Viking. Great stuff, very reliable. Most importantly, the actual temperature holds very close to the temperature requested.

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