Rats Candidates Desert Withdraw

sinking Treasury Department their names from nomination:

WASHINGTON — Two candidates for top positions at the Treasury Department have withdrawn from consideration, according to people familiar with the matter.

Annette Nazareth, who was expected to be tapped as deputy secretary, has taken her name out of the running, these people said.

In addition, Mr. Geithner’s pick for undersecretary for international affairs, Caroline Atkinson, has also withdrawn.

The withdrawals are the latest stumbling block for Mr. Geithner, who has struggled to build a staff. Aside from Mr. Geithner, the department doesn’t have a single nominated official in place.

People familiar with the decision say Ms. Nazareth withdrew in large part because of the long vetting process. But there was also some concern on Capitol Hill about her previous role at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Perhaps they’ve been looking at the Dow. Or maybe they haven’t paid their taxes, either.

It’s beginning to look to me as though Tim Geithner’s honeymoon, such as it was, is already over and he will have a very short tenure as Secretary of the Treasury. I give him four months.

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  • PD Shaw Link

    They need to start looking for someone who is all about public service and not worried about downside risks to their career and reputation. Someone like Roland Burris.

  • You’ve got to admit, PD. Here in Illinois we’ve got the best politicians that money can buy.

  • If you eliminate the economists, bankers etc… who were utterly wrong about the economy it leaves you with a very short list to draw from. Eliminate from that list anyone who cheated on his taxes and you’re down to what, some small town bank manager who’s spent the last decade in a coma?

  • Tom Strong Link

    Michael, Geithner is Paulson redux. In under two months he’s managed to throw away billions while saving no one and creating waves of insecurity whenever he opens his mouth. There isn’t time to futz around with this. If he can’t come up with a viable plan, and soon, he’s got to go.

  • Tom, don’t bother arguing with Reynolds. Obama, and by extension anyone Obama anoints, can do no wrong. Obama has lost Matthews and Krugman, but he’ll always have Reynolds.

  • Tom:

    He probably will go. But that wasn’t my point.

    I was, rather, making the point that there may be a disappearingly small pool of available replacements once you subtract 1) everyone who was dead wrong about the condition and direction of the economy, 2) everyone with a tax issue or a nanny issue, and 3) everyone with sense enough not to rush to grab this hand grenade.

  • Ice:

    Well, as of today it’s me and about 70% of the American population.

    But on your side you have a good, what is it now, 25% of the people? What you need to do is invest that 25% in a hedge fund. Watch it grow, baby, watch it grow.

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