New Developments for Me

A little less than two months ago I received notification from my now prior employer that they would no longer be needing my services. They took care to reassure me that it had nothing to do with my performance. It was mostly a cost-saving measure. They had lost some major customers lately and needed to trim back so I was on the chopping block. My last day was April 6.

Nonetheless it was quite a shock for me. I’ve been working fulltime for more than a half century. I’ve left previous employers but I’d never been asked to leave. It came as quite a shock. At my age seeking a new job is a daunting prospect.

I began searching immediately and finally found an offer I liked at a slight increment. I began my new job on Tuesday.

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  • Jan Link

    Congratulations Dave, on the new job. There is nothing so constant as change….although, it can still be quite unnerving!

  • Drew Link

    I saw that. Congratulations.

  • steve Link

    Good luck!


  • Andy Link

    Congrats – not surprised you found something quickly.

  • I have been provident. My specialty is highly in demand; my sub-specialty is in even higher demand. NOONE presently working has more experience than I. In fact I don’t claim all of my experience for fear of scaring prospective employers off.

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