More on the Explosion at an Iranian Mosque

I didn’t comment on the reports of an attack with fatalities at an Iranian mosque the other day although I did think it was interesting. The story is becoming more bizarre:

TEHRAN: A blast in a mosque in Iran that killed at least 10 people was an accident and not an attack, a senior Interior Ministry official said Sunday.

Iranian media had previously reported that a bomb had gone off in a crowded mosque in the southern city of Shiraz on Saturday evening, leaving more than 160 people wounded in addition to the 10 killed.

“Last night’s explosion in Shiraz was as a consequence of an accident and not the planting of a bomb,” IRNA, the official news agency, quoted the deputy interior minister in charge of national security, Abbas Mohtaj, as saying.

He did not give details, but state Press TV television said the blast may have been “caused by explosives left behind from an earlier exhibition commemorating” the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.

Is this a credible explanation? I have no idea. The wisecracks on this practically write themselves. I’ll limit my comments to noting that I find anyone’s death sad and that the Iranians do themselves little credit by leaving explosives around a mosque, whatever the reason they were there to begin with.

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