Janis Paige, 1922-1924

Janis Paige, star of film, the Broadway stage, and television, has died at 101. Her Hollywood career began when she was spotted by a Warner’s exec while she was working at the Hollywood Canteen. Her first movie role was in 1944. She played notable roles in Hollywood Canteen, Romance on the High Seas, and Silk Stockings, playing other roles in several more forgettable movie. The studio really didn’t know what to do with her—they said as much. When she lost her studio contract in 1951 it was just the start of her career. She originated the role of Babe in Pajama Game on Broadway, playing in more than 1,000 performances. She also originated the female lead in Here’s Love and replaced Angela Lansbury in Mame, playing the role for two years. She had her own television series, It’s Always Jan. An incredibly talented performer.

With Ms. Paige’s passing the living history of the golden age of the Hollywood studios comes even closer to coming to a close.

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