Jack at 20 Months

Jack has now been a part of our pack for about a year and a half. He’s obviously still a juvenile but is maturing.

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    Are you feeding him salmon? It looks like he needs to be sheared. I am sure you consider him part of the family, but I am not sure about his wisdom. (Chasing squirrels may be fun, but it is easier to shoot them.)

    For the 4th of July parade, you should dye him red, white, and blue. In New Orleans, he would be purple, gold, and green for Mardi Gras, and by the end of the day, he would think salmon was for peasants. (You really cannot trust New Orleanians. He might even learn what a hangover is.)

    He looks well behaved, but I know “looks can be deceiving”. I hope he has a long life and brings you a lot of joy, honestly.

  • It looks like he needs to be sheared.

    You don’t shear Samoyeds but comb out their undercoat. We have bags of Samoyed undercoat around here, probably going back 20 years. My wife spins and knits with it.

    He’s a very affectionate and loving dog but definitely has a mind of his own.

    One correction. When you have one dog the dog becomes a member of your family. When you have two dogs those dogs may become members of your family.

    However, when you have three or more dogs you have become a member of their pack. Pack rules prevail. In addition to Jack we have two Australian Shepherds, Mamie and Ghillie. Australian Shepherds can be hard taskmasters.

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