It’s an honor just to be nominated…

Weblog Awards Finalist 2006 (large)Finalists for the 2006 Weblog Awards have been announced and, for the third consecutive year, The Glittering Eye is both honored and humbled to make it as a finalist. Click on the graphic to the left to go the web page for the awards to see the list of great blogs who are in the running this year. The Glittering Eye is a finalist in the new category of Best Centrist Blog.

I’m honored that The Glittering Eye has been considered for such an honor at all.

Jack BennyBut, in all honesty I feel a little like Jack Benny on being nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor and finding that the competition is Marlon Brando, Laurence Olivier, Spencer Tracy, and Anthony Hopkins. The blogs nominated in the best centrist blogs are all magnificent blogs and include some of those I’ve loved since I began reading blogs. For example, there’s Winds of Change, which I consider the blog-father of The Glittering Eye. And there’s also the fabulous, incomparable, irreplaceable The Moderate Voice which editor-in-chief Joe Gandelman has transmogrified over the past year or so from one of the very best solo blogs into one of the very best group blogs.

Voting starts on Thursday and you can vote once a day every day until the voting ends a week later. I’ll campaign hard—expect a persistent reminder at the top of the main page.

And, once again, thanks to the board at the Weblog Awards for the nomination.

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  • Congrats, Dave. It’s very well deserved. I’m honored simply to be among your blogfriends.

  • Ann Julien Link

    Congratulations, Dave, you’ve got my vote! A devoted reader, Ann

  • How does this happen?

    (and did you learn by random searching as Aqoul did?)

  • The Weblog Awards are an annual event that takes place every year at about this time. The process begins with about a week of open nominations, followed by a mysterious winnowing of the nominated blogs to no more than ten finalists per category, followed by a rather bizarre voting period during which anybody may vote once per day.

    I’ve been a finalist for the awards every year for the last three years. I follow the whole process fairly closely.   The whole shebang is administered by the folks at Wizbang where the beginning of the process was announced a couple of weeks ago.

  • You deserve it if for no other reason than the fact that you’re dumb enough . . . er, devoted enough . . . to actually read the entire ISG report.

  • Hearty congratulations!

  • Strange. Ah well, bollocks. Nice graphics, although I don’t think we’ll bother.

  • Well deserved recognition.

  • kreizq Link

    Ditto, pigilito. Dave’s my darkhorse candidate for the 08 nomination (now I just need to join a party).

  • Congratulations, Dave. To be nominated three years running is an amazing accomplishment, but well-deserved in your case.

    And I know how you feel about the nominees. When I was nominated for Best Essayist back in 2004, my competition included Virginia Postrel, James Lileks, and Victor Davis Hanson. I was quite flattered I’d gotten any votes at all when the voting was over.

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