How Do You Say “Underpants Gnome” in German?

Step 1: Issue open invitation to Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan, etc. migrants.
Step 2: ?
Step 3: Profit!

closely followed by (continuing with my comics/cartoon references) a Charlie Brown football move:

Step 4: Close the border.

Can anyone guess what Step 5 will be? The editors of the Wall Street Journal provide some helpful analysis:

It worked—too well. Berlin’s perceived openness is encouraging many others still in the Middle East to risk dangerous sea and land journeys to Europe. The German public’s initial wave of humanitarian enthusiasm has given way to the realization that they can’t cope indefinitely with an almost unlimited number of desperate migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

I think it’s actually worse than that. The Germans’ “perceived openness” has put who knows how many unfortunates into a pipeline of migrants. Many of the people stalled at the border probably set out for Germany a week or ten days ago—long before the Germans had second thoughts.

It’s yet another example of the Germans making what is already a bad situation worse with their machinations. Mass migration doesn’t just stop on a dime.

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    It’s like watching the Haitian boat people crisis all over again. I’d say that at least this time my neighborhood isn’t going to be filled up with Arab & other Muslim refugees, but I saw that Obama has been importing at least a 250,000 a year and wants to greatly increase that number. (No doubt with the approval of El Jeffe Jeb! and all the other Republican establishment types.) So I guess it’ll be clitoral mutilations for all the ladies soon enough….

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    How Do You Say “Underpants Gnome” in German?

    Couldn’t tell you. The only German I know is Schadenfreude.

    Well, that and Fahrvergnügen. Da da da ….

  • I’ve got some suggestions for communities that should be willing to accept the Syrian immigrants. Chappaqua, the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, maybe Kauai, Beacon Hill, Hershey, PA.

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    “So I guess it’ll be clitoral mutilations for all the ladies soon enough….”

    You silly goose. Hillary has just declared herself as the most prominent sympathizer for all bad events female and sexual. Sounds sensible.

    And they say Trumps campaign and his supporters are clownish.

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    Hillary has just declared herself as the most prominent sympathizer for all bad events female and sexual. Sounds sensible.

    That’s how to slip the knife in without anyone noticing! That was quite a fine piece of work, Drew!

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    I saw this quote in the comments from the 8/18/96 Seattle Times:

    “As a [presidential] candidate, he [Clinton] accused the Bush administration of showing a callous disregard for human rights, both in trading with China and in sending boatloads of Haitian refugees back home; as president, Clinton reversed himself on both positions, adopting the very Bush policies he had condemned.”

    Haitians fled the aftermath of the 1991 military coup, but most (I believe over 90%) were rejected as bona fide refugees by the U.S. government. I believe the Bush administration may have softened its policies toward the end of its term, but Clinton was more proactive given his criticism of U.S. policy in the campaign.

    According to the July 30, 1994, Christian Science Monitor:

    “President Clinton’s decision last month to change the repatriation procedure triggered a new exodus. Instead of being returned to Haiti immediately, Coast Guard cutters now take refugees to an offshore processing center in Jamaica, where immigration officials determine whether they qualify for political asylum.

    “As soon as news leaked to the mainland that the acceptance rate offshore is five times than that at one of Haiti’s three in-country processing centers, the number of boat people this week alone surpassed all of 1993.”

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    PD, about 200,000 Haitians immigrated to the US in the 1990s. About 150,000 more in the Aughts. No idea how many since then. And those are apparently US Census Bureau numbers, and they can’t find illegal aliens to save their lives. (More important to save their jobs.) I imagine it’s a good deal higher, as I see thar Pine Hills was allegedly 12.1% Haitian, which would be about 7,200 people, and there’s at least twice that here, and there used to be more.

    At some point well-heeled Haitians realized the best way into the country was to fly to Panama and make there way in via that route in various ways. That’s how a former head of the Haitian secret police came to Pine Hills prior to starting a career as a bus driver at Disney.

    I remain convinced that Bill let the Haitians come as a giant FUCK YOU to Florida for Arkansas getting stuck with boatloads of Mariolitos back around ’80.

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    Hmm. The front page shows 12 comments, but only seven (prior to this one) are showing. Are those trackbacks or something else?

  • Yep. I don’t display trackbacks but they’re there.

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    Ah, good. I don’t mind losing my mind so much but losing the ability to count would really annoying me.

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    @Ellipses, it may be my generous spirit, but I think hubris more than vengeance.

    The Bush administration was probably taking far too few immigrants to meet treaty obligations. Side point: The U.S. was trying to get the military to step-aside and reinstate the democratically elected government. How can that policy be promoted if the U.S. evacuates all the prominent people that opposed the coup?

    Clinton probably thought he could be generous without recognizing the incentives he was unleashing. Australia appears to have had a similar experience when Australia discontinued the Pacific Solution — boat people went from 161 per year to 2726 per year the very next year and in five years it was 20,587 per year.

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