Foreign Policy Posting at OTB

I’ve published a couple of foreign policy posts at OTB this morning. The first is Will Israel Attack Iran?. I still don’t think so but the saber-rattling certainly has gotten louder since the recent elections in Israel.

The second is Multinational Law Enforcement Is Complicated which begins with a news article about the apprehension of some Somali pirates by Dutch commandos and segues into the connection between Somali piracy and Al Qaeda.

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  • Luisa Da Silva Link

    Let the Israelis attack Iran. They will realize that Iran is not Iraq and we might see the end of Israel. Enough is enough with your violence Jews. Just stop it, play fair and you’ll see, peace will come.

  • bohmonster Link

    Iran does not have the right to own nuclear power tht ciuld possibly be used against our sodiers or Isreal. Ths jewish prople have suffered enough and aboviously our president is pro palistinian. If isreal alltacks Iran it is our duty to support them and end the threat against isreal and our soldiers. Remember Iran is supporting the people tht are killing our soldiers, it is time to end this once and for all

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