For Chicago Mayor and Alderman

Both the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times have endorsed Lori Lightfoot for mayor in the April 2, 2019 election.


Not only is Lightfoot accomplished, she comes to the race as an outsider not immersed in the Democratic Party politics that taint this city’s governance. Those associations have dragged down Preckwinkle’s campaign — Preckwinkle’s allegiance to former Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios, her connections to Ald. Edward Burke, and her role as chairman of the county’s Democratic Party, which raises and spends big money, slates judicial candidates and remains a relic of old-style cronyism and backroom deals.


She is beholden to pretty much nobody — except you.

She’s mostly right on the issues, to our thinking, and she’s entirely right in her priorities. Neighborhoods matter as much as downtown. Working folks matter as much as the rich. Civil liberties matter as much as good police work. And good cops, it should go without saying, are to be cherished.

We endorse Lightfoot because this election is bigger than any disagreement about taxes or charter schools or express trains to O’Hare.

This election is about who we are, and who we want to be. Are we one Chicago or not?

Our major newspapers are split on 39th Ward Alderman with the Sun-Times endorsing Robert Murphy and the Tribune Samantha Nugent.

As of this writing I plan to vote for Lori Lightfoot and Robert Murphy.

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