Elizabeth Bumiller Seems To Be a News Correspondent

Elizabeth Bumiller has written a piece in the New York Times this morning titled “Bush and McCain Seem to Diverge in Foreign Policy”. Here’s the essence of the article:

Essentially, as the administration has taken a more pragmatic approach to foreign policy, the decision of Mr. McCain to adhere to his more hawkish positions illustrates the continuing influence of neoconservatives on his thinking even as they are losing clout within the administration.

Whether the perception of Mr. McCain as being at odds with the administration is politically advantageous for him is a matter of debate among his supporters, but many of his more conservative advisers do not think it is a bad thing.

Now to be honest I don’t have much gripe about what Ms. Bumiller writes in the article and it does highlight why I’m not particularly comfortable about John McCain’s foreign policy views. She’s certainly entitled to her opinion.

But that’s what bugged me about the article. It’s not in the opinion section.

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  • I wasn’t aware that the New York Times actually made a distinction between opinion and straight news in its pages ( sarcasm off).

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