Ed Koch, 1924-2013

Ed Koch, formerly mayor of New York City, has died:

Ed Koch, the three-term mayor whose irascible exuberance and “How’m I doin’?” tagline made him synonymous with New York chutzpah, died early Friday morning. He was 88.

He was a Damon Runyon character, larger than life, a fitting mayor for a city full of Damon Runyon characters.

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  • jan Link

    Having no comments on this thread doesn’t sit well with me. So, I will add one.

    Koch was a man who had color, fire, and conviction in his life. You knew where he stood, right or wrong, on issues. And, he would cross the political line occasionally, when his beliefs didn’t line up with his own party affiliation’s. I’ll miss his straight forward input and the dynamic confrontational style in which he addressed life and world issues.

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