Drivers these days

I have to admit I don’t understand drivers these days.  As I was running my normal Saturday errands I found myself behind a woman driving one of those little BMW 325i sedans.  We came up to an intersection; the light was green.  The woman made a full boulevard stop and stood there for perhaps 10 seconds.  I honked.  The woman made a right turn.  So did I.

Four or five blocks later we came to another intersection with a stop light.  The woman powered through a red light at speed.

An hour later I found myself behind a different driver (a man this time) driving a different vehicle who did exactly the same thing:  boulevard stop at a green light followed shortly thereafter by running a red light.

Is there some sort of game I don’t know about?  Traffic anarchy?  What?

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  • Glenmore Link

    Perhaps you have developed color-blindness.

  • tcobb Link

    They were talking on cell phones, I suspect. Did you see the recent study that said, as a whole, people who talked incessantly on cell phones while they were driving around were more dangerous than your average drunk driver?

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