Glenn Greenwald dissects the results of a recent Harris-Harvard poll that found a sharp dichotomy between the views of most Americans and the stories the major media outlets are covering. Here’s his conclusion:

What’s so striking here isn’t that the corporate media relentlessly advocates views and ideologies that majorities of Americans – often large majorities – reject.

It’s that the views held by majorities are all but banned on NBC, CNN, NYT and WPost.

noting that it is no mystery that trust in the media is at an all-time low.

Here are some of the questions in the survey, my answers, and comments:

Question My answer Remarks
Do you think Donald Trump worked in concert with Russia to win the presidency or was that a false story? False story I was skeptical about this from the outset and indicated that here. I actually lost friends over my skepticism.
Do you think that the Steele dossier that included salacious accusations against Trump in a Russian hotel and stated Russia had a tape of what transpired was a true story, or was it a false story? Probably false but it didn’t make any difference to me. Ditto
Do you think that the Hunter Biden laptop is real, or is it Russian disinformation? Real
Do you think that the FBI and Justice Department are fully investigating the Hunter Biden laptop and his foreign business dealings, or do you think they are not really fully investigating these issues? Not really investigating If “don’t know” were an answer that’s what I’d give
From what you know, do you think Hunter Biden was involved in illegal influence peddling and tax evasion, or do you think he was not involved in such crimes? Yes Influence peddling is not against the law. Tax evasion and being an unregistered foreign agent are.
From what you know, do you think Joe Biden was involved with his son in an illegal influence peddling scheme while he was Vice President, or do you think that is not the case? Yes As noted influence peddling is corrupt but not against the law.
Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as President of the United States or do you have doubts about his fitness for office? He’s fit enough
Do you think Joe Biden is showing he is too old to be President or do you think he is showing he is fit to be president? He’s too old Major deterioration can happen very quickly at his age.

By and large my views were in line with the majority of voters. I agree with Glenn that the media are out-of-touch with most Americans. Also they don’t really care. They see themselves as the vanguard of the proletariat—they see their job as telling ordinary people what they should believe.

Feel free to chime in with your views.

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  • jan Link

    They see themselves as the vanguard of the proletariat—they see their job as telling ordinary people what they should believe.

    The national media early-on was created as an adjunct to the democrat party. What has drastically changed is who the policies of the democrat party primarily serve. Originally it was the working class, while today it appears to mirror the interests of the elite, multinational corporations, Wall Street, stressing identity politics versus equal treatment of everyone — groupings far afield from being the “vanguard of the proletariat.”

    This lack of self awareness, in knowing they have virtually abandoned the common man’s well being, is why the media has lost the trust and confidence of the ordinary citizen. Furthermore, cherry-picking the news, echoing the government’s narrative rather than people’s views/needs, is not a recipe for capturing and keeping a loyal audience. Examples given in the opening post — the Russian Collusion story, the partisan investigations by the FBI, DOJ, the Biden influence peddling increasingly revealed as exchanging bribes for policy —- is but a partial list of the disparities existing between the POVs of the working class public and the legacy media. Simply looking at the steady erosion of our energy, economic, foreign, domestic, border policies, the pushing of gender, CRT, ESG ideologies into our businesses, military and schools —- underreported by the media, but anathema to the middle, blue collar workers —- creates angst towards these media outlets, a sense they are traitors of truth rather than fair-minded beacons of information, looking out for the interests of the public.


  • You misunderstand what “vanguard of the proletariat” means. The idea was proposed by Lenin as an alternative to Marx’s class struggle because the proletariat were just too dumb to recognize the beauty of what the vanguard was proposing. The stupid proletariat kept wanting nice houses, good food, clothing, and stuff.

  • steve Link

    In order that you used.

    1- This is covered endlessly in the press so contra Greenwald it is covered. The majority of coverage does to claim that Trump actively worked with Russians but rather that there was Russian attempts at interference and it was aimed at helping Trump. Trump publicly asking the Russians to help in his campaign speeches did kind of muddy things.

    2-This has been covered endlessly. You rarely see stories about the peeing on hookers accusation, mostly in the comments section and I dont think many believe it, it’s just funny. I think this is concentrated on to avoid the parts of the document which were true. This would include stuff like Russia meddling and Wikileaks.

    3- The fact that the laptop is real has also been covered endlessly in all of the sources Greenwald claims dont. However, what I suspect Greenwald really wants is to say that the laptop proves Joe Biden was taking bribe money. For that there is no evidence.

    4- That is your belief but there is no evidence of that. The FBI was quite willing to hurt Hillary’s campaign with the last minute release about more emails, against policy, so there’s little evidence of partisan bias. Besides which the GOP knew about it while Trump was in office and there have other avenues to investigate. Regardless, how would/should media cover this? Should they also be writing stories that say “based upon our feelings we dont think the FBI was investigated enough”?

    5- I think standard media coverage is that Hunter used his father’s name for influence, like the kids of many other politicians which is legal. I assume he engaged in tax evasion, but then I expect that from people who make lots of money. They have already convicted parts of Trump org for evasion so if hey convict Hunter then it will be even, for too , between the two candidates.

    6- Evidence? This story has also been covered extensively. It’s claimed without evidence in right wing media. MSM is waiting for evidence.

    7- This has been covered ad nauseam in MSM. It just doesnt reach the same conclusion as Greenwald.

    8- Nearly all media when they cover it, which is a lot, agree that he is too old. They note that Trump is also too old so I suppose Greenwald doesnt like that.

    So Greenwald lies if he claims the stories dont get covered. Failing to reach conclusions that he likes is not a failure. The MSM actually routinely interview Trump supporters to get their views on all of these issues so there is no lack of exposure. Saying stuff is banned is a lie.



  • Andy Link

    Fundamentally there is a lot of bad media reporting and bad/misleading headlines. That, IMO, explains most of the decline of trust in the media, which has progressed in concert with the balkanization of media and the business model changing to one that favors niche audiences.

    But on the other end, GG is not an avatar of normie American views about news reporting. His reporting, such as it is, can be criticized for the same reasons he is leveling here against others. He’s never been interested in presenting a neutral viewpoint, and he’s been remarkably consistent over the years in his biases.

  • Jan Link

    Dave, I applied Vanguard of the Proletariat by the literal meaning of the words linked together, rather than as a phrase specifically constructed and used by Lenin.

    Steve, there is never enough “evidence” for you to disparage or question the ethics or honesty of your own party. OTOH, there is always evidence, no matter how minuscule, trivial, or unorthodox for you to deride, mock, indict, or convict someone associated with the MAGA movement, imprison them and then throw the key away.

    Andy, the tedious Russia-gate investigation finally showing DNC and dem collusions with the Russians rather than Trump – garnering a Pulitzer Prize for one media outlet – is but one example of media bias and malfeasance. Greenwald, much like Matt Taibbi, is far more honest than most associated with the MSM, in that he takes issue with people, events, scandals no matter what ideology they espouse. I personally believe the MSM will eventually lose the ears and eyes of the public, and be traded in for a more independent-minded type of journalism, depending not on cable distribution but streaming services.

  • steve Link

    ” convict someone associated with the MAGA movement, imprison them and then throw the key away.”

    For the 1/6 event the rioters conveniently took pictures and videos of themselves. They left lots of emails and texts. For you that doesnt count as evidence but for the rest of the world it does. OTOH, someone posting something on Youtube is all the evidence you need, even if it has been investigated, usually by Republican investigators, and disproved. Durham didnt find anything so now you have Comer repeating it. Remember the 8 Benghazi investigations?


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