Blow Me Down!

Reuters is reporting that the German intelligence agency has said that DAESH fighters are entering Germany disguised as refugees:

Islamic State militants have slipped into Europe disguised as refugees, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) said on Friday, a day after security forces thwarted a potential IS attack in Berlin.

Hans-Georg Maassen said the terrorist attacks in Paris last November had shown that Islamic State was deliberately planting terrorists among the refugees flowing into Europe.

“Then we have repeatedly seen that terrorists … have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees. This is a fact that the security agencies are facing,” Maassen told ZDF television.

“We are trying to recognize and identify whether there are still more IS fighters or terrorists from IS that have slipped in,” he added.

I’m sure the next million refugees will have no terrorists among them. In possibly related news German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest level in five years.

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  • michael reynolds Link

    Imagine my surprise.

  • Guarneri Link

    What a glass half empty guy you are. Look at the bright side. Within that immigrant pool lies the cure for cancer, flying cars, global warming…….

  • Gray Shambler Link

    ISIS and Islam itself are entirely parasitic and hold the seeds of their own doom within their beliefs. (all that is worth knowing is revealed in the Koran)

  • PD Shaw Link

    But it couldn’t happen here . . .

    “Just before that Christmas Day attack, in early November 2009, I was ordered by my superiors at the Department of Homeland Security to delete or modify several hundred records of individuals tied to designated Islamist terror groups like Hamas from the important federal database, the Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS). These types of records are the basis for any ability to “connect dots.” Every day, DHS Customs and Border Protection officers watch entering and exiting many individuals associated with known terrorist affiliations, then look for patterns. Enforcing a political scrubbing of records of Muslims greatly affected our ability to do that. Even worse, going forward, my colleagues and I were prohibited from entering pertinent information into the database.”

    DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties

  • steve Link

    Totally unscreened bunch of losers. Hope this was not surprising.


  • michael reynolds Link

    “Unscreened.” Just like the people that reckless twat in Canada is letting in. But don’t kid yourself that our screening amounts to a magic potion, because I guarantee you, we will in time learn that our screening is 90% smoke and mirrors.

  • Guarneri Link

    Of course it couldn’t happen here. What the hell does the FBI know, anyway?

  • As I’ve said before, how do you screen people from countries where they use patronymics rather than surnames and they haven’t taken a census in decades? Genetic testing to distinguish Arabs from Arabic-speaking Afghans may be as good as it gets.

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