And now the veto pen?

It’s looking very much as though Democrats will take control of the Senate, too. Does this mean that President Bush will start to wield his cobweb-covered veto pen?

That wasn’t his history in Texas. IIRC he was more inclined to conciliation that confrontation there.

The Democrats’ margin in the Senate is very thin and the new Democratic delegation in the Senate is ideologically somewhat different than the old one was. James Joyner notes:

That’s going to make it very interesting for Pelosi and Reid. Not only are they going to have to ride herd on a delegation that’s less ideologically liberal than they’ve had in a while, there are fewer so-called RINOs to pick off. That’s going to make governing hard, especially in the Senate.

It’ll certainly make partisan victories harder to characterize as statemanship.

I suspect that we’ll see the current Democratic leadership setting the agenda. Whether they’ll be more agreeable as a majority than they’ve been as a minority is anybody’s guess.

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