About Those Pipelines (Updated)

I note that the cause of the blasts that shut down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in September 2022 remains unknown or at least unpublicized. That’s no insignificant matter having as serious implications for war and peace as it does.

Sweden, Denmark, and Russia have all claimed that the explosions were deliberate sabotage.

I’m skeptical that Russia sabotaged the pipeline. It has nothing obvious to gain from shutting it down. In the absence of any specific evidence I would consider blaming Russia for the explosions as part of the “5D chess theory” of Russian behavior—that the Russians are playing a very, very long game with moves incomprehensible to normal people. I see no evidence for that theory which has been around for a very long time.

The Russians have blamed the United Kingdom which of course denies any involvement. Not only does the UK have the ability to carry out that sabotage it meets the cui bono standard given that the UK has been one of Ukraine’s most outspoken supporters during the war. The Poles have attributed the explosions to the United States.

I find it outrageous that the Western media are so incurious about this matter. It’s basically been consigned to the memory hole.


Here’s an interesting little quote from a piece by John Psaropoulos at AlJazeera:

Mike Myrianthis, a Greek oil industry veteran, believes that whoever bombed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline opened a can of worms.

“The Nord Stream sabotage destroyed the Russian-German energy relationship,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Strikes on infrastructure have become something of a fashion and set a dangerous precedent.”

or, said another way, I’m not the only one who thinks the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline is of some larger significance. The article is about mysterious acts of sabotage being carried out in Western Europe which the article attributes to Russian agents. There may be something to Emmanuel Todd’s assertion that World War II has already begun.

Coming soon to civilian infrastructure year you?

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  • steve Link

    Yes. The Wall Street Journal should send some of its reporters to the site to figure it out. Until they do they should publish an article on the front page every week saying that they still dont know who did it.


  • Jan Link

    The culprit behind the Nord Stream 1 pipeline explosion will join other adverse events that mysteriously never are named or resolved like: who leaked the Supreme Court paper dealing with ending Roe?; who planted the bombs on January 6th 2021 – someone photographed but never identified or caught? We seem to have a very sophisticated Intelligence Department until finding out and solving a criminal act becomes too hot of a potato to reveal. In the meantime the FBI continues to locate and prosecute anyone remotely connected to the J6 event, some two years after the 1 day protest concluded.

  • I don’t disagree with that, steve, but we’ll probably need to rely on one government or another to discover and reveal what happened. In addition to putting more reporters on it, editorials demanding an explanation would be a good idea.

    The WaPo should get into the act, too.

  • bob sykes Link

    The four suspects in the Nord Stream bombing are the US, UK, Poland, and Ukraine. Either one, all, or some combination of them did it.

    It’s like the JFK, RFK, MLK murders. Oswald, Sirhan, and Ray might have done it, but Oswald denied any involvement, Sirhan was too stoned to remember, and Ray denied doing it. The best theory is that JFK was killed by a CIA/Pentagon cabal in order to prevent him from changing several policies. It was a coup d’état, and Johnson was the front man. The same cabal killed RFK to prevent him from opening an investigation of John’s murder, which he most certainly would have done.

    By the time Trump came along, the Deep State had learned to control its anger and hate, and it contented itself with destroying Trump and all his initiatives. He ended up as just another White House pet.

    I have thought for some time that King was killed by other civil rights leaders, who hated him for displacing them and who jealous of his fame. They also despised his nonviolent activism.

    PS. Putting more reporters on anything is asinine. The news media are the totally controlled propaganda arm of the Deep State. Their job is to suppress information dangerous to the Deep State. I keep waiting for Tucker Carlson to get run over by a taxi.

  • Andy Link

    Nothing much has changed except the confirmation that the pipelines were deliberately damaged, and to a big enough extent that they have effectively been destroyed at this point and are probably not repairable thanks to seawater intrusion.

    As for who did it, I think we have the same list of potential suspects – and one that is quite long.

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