You Call That Dangerous?

When I read this list of the most dangerous roads I could only think that obviously the folk who compiled the list had never driven the Dan Ryan after midnight.

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  • PD Shaw Link

    Obviously a subjective list, intended to spark debate and ultimately clan violence. But I’ve not found the desert intestate btw/ CA and AZ that intimidating; I’ve been far more uncomfortable with the various approaches to New Orleans that can be congested, tire and debris strewn and are essentially tens of miles of bridges over murky swamps. And I-10 going West is pretty notorious for expansive use of forfeiture of vehicles by the local police.

    A lot of the Colorado roads I drove a few months ago were pretty intimidating, even the interstate heading west from Denver. Just looking over at truck pullout lanes that end quickly turn to a 90 degree angle and one gets chills. I believe this was the last and most difficult stretch of the original interstate system to be built.

  • michael reynolds Link

    Any number of LA freeways could probably qualify except that traffic never allows drivers to reach fatal speeds.

  • steve Link

    When the main roads to and from coal country are down I take the back roads. About half of them have signs saying something like “drive this road at your own risk”. Makes going over the bridges exciting.


  • jan Link

    Myers Grade, in Northern CA, is like playing driving Russian Roulette. This is the designated detour when they have slippage on coastal Hwy 1, above Jenner. Myers is then traveled by logging, commercial, travel and all manner of four and two wheel vehicles — all sharing a curving, small back alley route, without crashing into each other. It’s especially awesome at night, when you can include headlights in your face.

  • Andy Link

    When I was in Colorado recently I drove the family up to the top of Mt. Evans, which I think is still the highest road in the US at 14,000 feet. There’s nothing that focuses the mind on good driving quite like a 4000 foot drop on the left of you and barely any room to pass.

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