Will Hillary Face Opposition?

There’s one question that James Taranto’s column on Hillary Clinton brought to my mind. Will Sec. Clinton face serious opposition from the left flank and/or populist wing of her own party?

That’s a question. I don’t know the answer and I’d like your opinions.


Every man a king! Is there a prospective Huey Long out there somewhere? I don’t see it but I’m really not attuned to what’s going on in states other than my own. And I don’t just mean Illinois, if you know what I mean.

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    No Huey Longs coming out of Florida. Our big names are a couple of lousy Republican governors (one of whom is now a Dem because the Dems can’t come up with anyone better than the worst governor in living memory), an old Dem pol for one Senator, a young insider Repub pol for the other Senator, and a bunch of scumbags or nobodies for US House Members.

  • Ben Wolf

    The answer is no. The populist left has been unwelcome in the Democratic Party for over twenty years and that won’t change now.

  • mike shupp

    I’d say No.

    Hillary Clinton is the biggest gun in the Democratic holster –there isn’t a senator or governor with her name recognition, or her likelihood to inspire voters and campaign workers, and a big Clinton win would probably pull in a lot of Democratic candidates on her coat tails. That’s One.

    Tempting as is to think Republicans will become a traditional governing party after That Kenyan Socialist comes to the end of his term, I no longer think it likely. Demographics is working against them, and to be honest, there aren’t a lot of impressive Presidential contenders in the Republican ranks either. Since this leaves Republicans out of the governing loop for another 4-8 years, they’re likely to continue the tactics which have served them so well until 2022 or so, when the next census presumably reduces their Congressional ranks. That’s Two.

    So the best strategy for the Democrats is to stake everything on backing one Presidential candidate and hoping he/she will pull in enough Democratic governors and Congressmen to govern the country over Republican opposition. That points to HRC.


  • Huey just called Cantor gay and Feinstein a lesbian.

    I think HRC is pretty safe.

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    The nomination process builds up a candidate. None of the threesome of Obama, Bill Clinton, or Jimmy Carter were national figures on the scope Hillary is now, all three got elected. Hell Hillary was a monster, name recognition-wise in 2008, and a young upstart outhustled her for the nomination and the Presidency.

    Name recognition is a bit over-rated.

  • Barack Obama was a keynote speaker in 2004.

    I ran Mark Warner’s (2008) and Julian Castro’s (2012) by Lucy the parrot, and she likes Julian Castro.

    Brian Schweitzer, in the case of Cantor, was only speaking the truth. There are a lot of men in the South, straight, that do have feminine characteristics. I credit it to the dearth of men after the Civil War. And they all, gay and straight, wear button-down oxford shirts and khakis.

    Might be nice if he had a little more tact, though.

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