Why Lie?

I encourage you to read the article at Snopes.com, “The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas”. Half-truths, grotesque exaggerations, and flat out lies are doing more harm to Trump’s critics than they are to Trump. They’re shaking our confidence in our system more than the Russians ever could.

On top of it why lie? Isn’t the truth bad enough?

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  • steve

    The truth is more than bad enough. I will have to say that I have not heard most of these “lies”. It also seems odd to call stuff that was clearly satire a lie, especially when the article says it was satire. I am guessing that a lot of this is just wanting to get revenge for the many lies told about Obama and a lot of it is echo chamber stuff.

    (I think that unless you are deep within the left you probably don’t get to hear about stuff like the middle finger or the hat, stuff I didn’t know about. But then, I don’t think most people have any idea what has been running around on the far right (Trump’s base) for the last 8 years.


  • TastyBits

    On top of it why lie? Isn’t the truth bad enough?

    Simple, the truth is not bad enough, and without the lies, sane people will not become haters.

    But, please keep up the nonsense. Keep flinging shit. It worked so well for the Republican monkeys.

  • CuriousOnlooker

    Well I see various people on Fox are calling out Trump as a liar as Junior Gate keeps dripping. When you lose Fox, Congressional Republicans will notice.

  • Janis Gore

    C’mon, Dave. The President openly and repeatedly and dishonestly questioned the former president’s citizenship and qualifications for office. He’s the worst kind of snotwad and aberration. But that’s apart from Snopes.

    Someone wondered the other day about fact checkers. This is Snopes trying to maintain a reputable course. It’s a good site. And trying to continue do so.

    Living in a conservative area, with many conservative friends, I see a lot on facebook that you don’t. One woman posted a diatribe against Michelle Obama wearing a blouse off her shoulders on the day that Melania met the Pope. Well, hell, yes it’s different. Mainly because Melania wore about the most grotesque widow’s weeds I’ve ever seen on a first lady.

    One cad on twitter said, “Dress for the job you want.”

  • Janis Gore

    Melania could say a hundred “Hail Mary’s”, but I think that’s enough penitence right there,

  • Janis Gore

    All in all, in this administration, I dislike and distrust Jeff Sessions more than anyone. He’s a true blue southern bastard.

  • In any given administration one should like and trust the attorney general least. The AG is the id of every administration; the administration’s hit man.

  • Janis Gore

    For you Trump skeptics, this is the funniest tweet thread ever.

  • Modulo Myself

    Those are weird examples. I saw many pictures of the Pope looking peeved posted as jokes. Why? Because Trump is a confessed sexual predator, amongst other things.

    The truth is that people who support Trump have no tolerance for any mockery or criticism. The fact that he’s a giant walking joke does not help.

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