Who Is Our Greatest Living President?

I’m surprised that anyone would have a problem answering this question in any other way: George H. W. Bush. He is a decent and honorable man. He did what he thought was right even thought it ultimately cost him re-election. When he took us to war, he did so very much by the standards that a consensus of Americans apparently support.

I am not a Republican and I never voted for him. I don’t like dynasties.

Jimmy Carter’s policies lead directly to a collapse of the American foreign policy edifice we had been building for 30 years and have labored to find a substitute for ever since. Bill Clinton was lucky and IMO is not a good man. George W. Bush is a dope. Barack Obama doubled down on too many of George W. Bush’s policies and added a dollop of catering to favored constituencies.

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  • jan Link

    Sometimes your objective analysis floors me! Party politics usually shades such an honestly laid out perspective.

  • One of the left-field thoughts I recently had is that George H is getting up there in years. His son is running for president. I’ve known both of those things, but never really put them together. If GHWB dies between now and November of next year, it could (depending on timing and other factors) have a significant effect on the race.

  • Andy Link

    I agree that GHWB is the best living President. It almost makes me regret my vote for Perot.

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