Where You From?

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times tracing the migrations to and from states in the United States state by state. There are graphics from each state and I have, er, sampled graphics for my native state of Missouri (above) and my home state of Illinois (below).

There are some interesting distinctions between the two states. For example, in the year of my birth and through most of my youth the percentage of those born outside the United States living in Missouri was very small—less than 5%—while the same figure in Illinois was double that or more. I suspect that if you could take that statistic down to the county level you’d find most of the foreign-born in Illinois then living in Cook County and its collar counties. My point here is that this presents a very different life experience.

Another example is the larger percentage of people moving from southern states to Missouri compared with Illinois. I suspect if you coujld drill that down to the county level you’d find most of those southern immigrants in the far southern part of the state, the part bordering Arkansas and Kentucky.

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