What Will the Europeans Do?

I wanted to put my two cents in on how our European cousins will deal with the large number of refugees they’ve accepted. I’m reminded of John Lyly’s famous wisecrack (often incorrectly attributed to Benjamin Franklin) about guests and fish growing stale after three days.

For years I’ve been pointing out that the Europeans have a choice. They can either remain the ethnic states they’ve been or they can become multi-ethnic, multi-confessional states. The decision will become much more urgent. I don’t know what they’ll do. It’s up to them. Countries like Hungary are in a real pickle. It’s a small country with distinctive customs that speaks a language spoken by no one else in the world. Unless it can remain an ethnic state those will cease to exist.

Don’t expect the Europeans to react as Americans would. They are much more rules-oriented and have much more respect for their governments than we do.

I don’t envy them.

The Economist remarks:

Growing numbers of Germans worry about the large influx of Muslims. In a survey by INSA, a pollster, 61% of respondents have become less happy about accepting refugees since the assaults; 63% think there are already too many asylum-seekers in Germany, and only 29% still agree with Mrs Merkel that the country can handle it. The sceptics are not only on the populist right. Alice Schwarzer, Germany’s leading feminist, says that Germany is “naively importing male violence, sexism and anti-Semitism”.

For now Mrs Merkel and her governing coalition have responded by talking tough. At a gathering of her centre-right Christian Democrats, she promised that the offenders will “feel the full force of the law” and suggested that more asylum-seekers who commit crimes would be deported. Even her centre-left coalition partners, the Social Democrats, want to crack down hard. Sigmar Gabriel, their boss, wants offenders to serve their prison time in their home countries to spare German taxpayers.

If there’s a reaction, I’d expect it in the more independent (and red-necked) areas of the country first, e.g. Bavaria, Saxony, and, to a lesser extent, North Rhine-Westphalia.

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  • G. Shambler Link

    It feels good to extend a helping hand to those in need but with modern communications the feedback loop to the refugees friends and family is instantaneous, creating what will be overwhelming , and therefore impossible to accommodate, numbers of people on the move.
    I’ve often wondered if Mrs. Merkel and her ilk ever think about the damage done to millions of people who give up their homes and livelihoods to seek asylum in Europe, most of whom will never be permitted in, and will be unable to return to their former places in life, as miserable as they may have been.

  • ... Link

    At a gathering of her centre-right Christian Democrats, [Merkel] promised that the offenders will “feel the full force of the law” and suggested that more asylum-seekers who commit crimes would be deported.

    Other reports I’ve read said that Merkel stated that refugees COULD be subject to deportation, which isn’t the same at all as stating that they WOULD be deported. Have anyone seen the comments in German?

    And where is she going to deport them to? Hungary? Poland? ISIS-land?

    I wonder if she or her party will ever admit that she’s made the biggest mistake in Germany since Hitler decided to invade the USSR….

  • steve Link

    It certainly helps to remember Germany’s history. They have been willing to support any leader who has worked to keep labor costs down. However, granting that this time might be different, what Germany, and the rest of Europe are seeing are not screened refugees. They are taking in mostly young male asylum seekers. Even if they weren’t Muslim, that will spike crime rates. What they are doing makes no sense. Merkel needs to find a better way to get cheap labor. People shouldn’t be too harsh on those countries which reject these young males.

    Which is, it should be noted, much different than what is seen in the US. We have accepted very few unaccompanied young males. We screen our refugees. We should probably limit asylum seekers.


  • PD Shaw Link

    FN: “Screen,” which should not be confused with looking at publicly available information on the internet, conducting FBI background checks or other inter-agency reviews, relying upon data or government cooperation in certain parts of the world, or doing anything else that would harm the President’s goal of increasing the number of Syrian refugees by 10,000 in FY2016, almost six times the number admitted the previous year. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, small sizes, etc. Multi-year screening processes not available to meet one-year goals. Refugees may cause injuries, rape or death, so ask your doctor before trying this.

  • ... Link

    PD, someone has suggested that immigrants of all types should come with insurance policies.

  • michael reynolds Link

    Yes, it was a blunder by Merkel to let in that many people, and particularly that mix of people. She’s just bought Europe decades of trouble. Let’s remember that we have a more local Merkel in the person of Justin Trudeau who is welcoming the un-vetted to our own North American Schengen.

    As I argued at OTB, with better than two million Syrian refugees (last I checked) what we and Canada are doing is little more than a gesture, a feel-good, self-congratulatory gesture that raises risk to Americans without significantly addressing the actual refugee problem. I think it likely that Americans will die because of that reckless Canadian twat, just as Merkel’s stupidity will eventually result in French, Dutch or British deaths.

    The haste and absolute lack of thought with which liberals in the US, Canada and Europe have embraced Syrian immigration as some kind of litmus test is mind-boggling. It really takes a special kind of stupid to import large numbers of people who despise your core values.

  • Ebenzer_Arvigenius Link

    [quote]Multi-year screening processes not available to meet one-year goals. Refugees may cause injuries, rape or death, so ask your doctor before trying this.[/quote]

    The amount of normally reasonable posters that this topic coverts to blathering idiots never ceases to amaze me.

  • steve Link

    Refugees may invent new tools, make scientific discoveries, become writers or entertainers. Please check with your historian before commenting upon this.


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