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In a recent comment a frequent commenter characterized The Glittering Eye as being about foreign policy and economics. I think that’s a misunderstanding.

This blog is about the ideas and things that interest me. I have pretty far-reaching interests. I’m interested in the events of the day and I generally post almost obsessively on whatever I think the most important story is. In the mid-2000s I thought that was foreign policy and I posted hundreds of posts on foreign policy issues relating to Iraq, Iran, China, and any number of other countries.

Since the beginning of the Great Recession I’ve been posting a lot about business and economics. Until the passage of the PPACA (AKA “Obamacare”, a term I dislike since I see it as disrespectful of the president), I posted innumerable posts on healthcare policy.

I am much more interested in policy than politics.

My interests aren’t limited to politics. I’m interested in dogs, family history, history, movies and television, archaeology (particularly the archaeology of the Near East during the late Neolithic and early Bronze Ages—right on the edge of when language was first written), opera and music, generally, languages, cooking and food, and antique glass, pottery, and furniture, just to name a few things. I’ve posted on all of these topics at one time or another. I probably should post about some of them more frequently just for my own mental health.

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  • steve Link

    Oops. Apologies. I have been reading long enough to know you write on other topics. I humbly withdraw my mischaracterization. (Though I still dont like opera that much and would not miss it if you gave that up.)


  • I did the same thing not long ago. He chastised me, too.

  • Maxwell James Link

    I always enjoy your non-political posts, even though they draw less comment usually. Particularly those on movies, archaeology, and food.

    Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to say that I’ve tried out your poached chicken recipe several times this year. It’s great. And as more of a dark meat kind of guy, I’m happy to report it works just fine for deboned chicken thighs as well.

  • I’m signing up with BC/BS in Louisiana. $2500 deductible, one wellness exam a year. Catastrophic care. What Obama might call a “Bronze Plan” — $156 a month.

  • Which is $23 higher than what I was paying through my group in 1991.

  • Nah, $29.

  • Look, Bozos. My mama had seven children. I was her last, born in 1957. I read Betty Friedan before I was 12.

  • Sorry, wrong thread.

  • PD Shaw Link

    On the important things, Wordsworth Editions (UK) is releasing an omnibus (> 700 pp.) of what sounds like all of the fantastic works of Henry S. Whitehead, including one or more previously unpublished stories. I believe Dave had previously mentioned that Whitehead was one of his favorite of the Weird Tales writers, and I’ve heard others comment that he was one of the best writers of the lot.

  • Just ordered it. While I was on the publisher’s web site I noticed quite a few other interesting possibilities. Thanks.

    Whitehead was a kind of interesting guy. He had been the Anglican bishop of the British Virgin Islands. Most of his stories have a Caribbean setting and a feeling of verisimilitude. I strongly suspect that some of the stories were based on things he’d heard there.

  • Jeff Link

    You are a rare breed in that you place your interest in policy above politics. Those who focus on policy seem to be an endangered species in this country. Alas, opera is not as popular either.

  • PD Shaw Link

    The Wordsworth Editions are suspiciously cheap per page count with (in some cases) rare stories, but from what I can tell they are reasonable productions that are well known in the UK. There is a Guardian story about British students wanting to purchase their classics from Wordsworth instead of the prescribed Penguin editions because of cost and the Penguin extras such as notes and appendixes contain information that can be found free on-line.

    I’ve only recently become aware of the line and have been slowly reading-up on the authors and books; some appear to be forgotten or at least little known in America. I’ll probably order the Whithead, E.F. Benson and Oliver Onions some time in the next few months, but there are almost 30 I’ve marked to look into some more.

  • It’s always interesting to read about whatever’s on your mind.

  • Drew Link

    I’ve commented as such before. I guess I will again. It’s the dogs,opera etc that. Makes this site unique.

    Steve – if you don’t like opera, you are not alive.

  • Drew, the Very Best of Bert Weedon came from Amazon today.

  • A very dramatic “Malaguena”.

  • A rousing “Kick Off”.

  • Drew, you need this CD.

  • It’s the sort of thing that makes you play “air guitar”.

  • So, do I buy some of these or not?

  • TastyBits Link

    @Janis Gore

    You’re joking, right?

  • Of course, Sugar.

    I’d go full spurs, come to that.

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