What Realignment?

I strongly suspect that we’re going to be hearing a lot about political realignment in the coming days and I further suspect that most of what we’ll hear will be claptrap.

From now on realignment is likely to be an ongoing process. The political parties are now fully obsolete, a sort of Weekend at Bernie’s proposition, being propped up because our political institutions support them, and something approximating a network model is taking hold. Think social media rather than smoke-filled rooms.

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  • john personna

    It would be nice, but it remains to be seen if the early vibe becomes accepted opinion.

  • John B

    I found this speech by Bill Moyers very interesting (especially in light of the election). http://www.truth-out.org/bill-moyers-money-fights-hard-and-it-fights-dirty64766
    It does seem that the 4% that have 90% of the wealth in the US are running things the way they want to. Long live Plutocracy!

  • Drew

    I’d call it an important at bat. Not a realignment.

  • What realignment? I think that this realignment, and the forces that underlie it, will only gain strength in the coming decades:

    Republicans won whites in Tuesday’s national House vote by a 22-percentage point margin (60 to 38 percent) according to exit polls. In 2006, Republicans won whites by a mere 4 points. Whites shifted at three-fold the rate of Hispanics between the two midterms, while the black vote remained steady. Democrats faired even worse than in 1994, when Republicans won whites by 16 points (58 to 42 percent) and with them, a landslide.

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