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  • Michael Reynolds Link

    Three words: traveling pasta salesman.

  • Michael Reynolds Link

    By the way, don’t go Brit on us, Dave, you’re not Madonna. It’s “traveling” with a single ‘l’ for good, patriotic Americans. Only a royalist, redcoat sympathizer would waste an extra ‘l’ that way.

  • Brett Link

    I suspect he was a trader. If I remember right, Rome actually did trade with East Asia, although it went through a number of intermediaries. Perhaps this guy decided he wanted to see the other side.

  • Andy Link

    I guess there wasn’t a Kirby Vacuum buried somewhere nearby?

  • PD Shaw Link

    What was Jesus doing in Shingo, Japan 2,000 years ago?

    Legal troubles, I’d say.

  • It’s not really so surprising. There was a massive trade in silks, and many Chinese embassies to lands bordering on the Roman Empire, and, perhaps, to Rome itself. See, for example,


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