Well, That Was Interesting

I just finished listening to a press conference down in Uvalde. Lest there be any misunderstanding:

  1. It should be very clear that the first priority of law enforcement is force protection
  2. Don’t expect law enforcement to protect you, your children, or your property. Once a crime has been committed they’ll investigate it, maybe make arrests. As far as protection goes you’re on your own.

The chap giving the press conference characterized the failure to breach as a “mistake”. I’m not so sure. See above.

It was pretty discouraging. Put not your trust in princes.

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  • steve Link

    Just a bit harsh. I know of quite a few instances of police taking personal risks to protect people. That said, I think that there has been a lot of emphasis on protecting yourself first amongst police. The kind of behavior that justifies shooting someone when you ask them for ID then shoot them when they go to open the glove compartment before you see a weapon is, I think, related to this behavior of not taking personal risk elsewhere.


  • It may be harsh but it’s a legal reality. The police are under no obligation to protect you. They might. But they also might not.

  • bob sykes Link

    A convincing argument for concealed or open carry by everyone. When seconds count, the cops are an hour away.

    I remember as a boy in Dorchester, MA, the general opinion was that in an emergency of any kind, call the firemen. The cops are always too late to help.

  • Drew Link

    “It may be harsh but it’s a legal reality. The police are under no obligation to protect you. They might. But they also might not.”

    Yeah, the real world. So as Sykes notes: carry a firearm. As a general proposition, you are on your own.

    Anyone who reads my comments knows my stand, as expressed recently.

  • steve Link

    The more that comes out the worse this sounds. Once again it sounds like the teachers died trying to protect the kids. We get to hear about hero police but not hero teachers. Oh well, they probably told the kids in their American history class that we used to have slavery and deserved to die anyway.


  • Jan Link

    According to Uvalde’s mayor, due to Biden’s lax policies, the border towns are being turned into the “wild, wild West,” with lockdowns occurring twice weekly, along with 13-15 police chases going after illegals every week. He says they have become “numb” under such a siege, which may have been a factor why safety issues, doors left unlocked, and no guard being present made it easier for the school to have been targeted and violated. Of course people don’t hear about these stresses, as the media and Biden’s people either distort or ignore our crisis at the southern border, preferring instead to dote on and throw money at a border overseas.

    And, while so many are throwing sanctimonious aspersions at gun owners and the NRA, another attack occurred in W VA. This time a “crazed” man chose a graduation party to spray bullets at. Unlike Uvalde, though, a woman with a legal pistol ran to the scene, shooting and killing the shooter, deterring what could have been another mass casualty situation. Will the legacy news print this story shedding a positive light on the use of guns in the right hands?

  • Jan Link

    In the wake of conversations pouring out about insuring the safety of schools, Joe Biden’s muscle is being flexed on
    making all school bathrooms bisexual. IOW, he is withholding federal funding to schools where boys are not allowed in the bathrooms of girls. I guess this is what is most important to Joe Biden.

  • steve Link

    Google “woman shoots west virginia shooter”. There is coverage by CBS, ABC, USAToday, Newsweek, BBC, APNews, lots of local outlets and even DailyKos.

    Query- Do conservatives know how to use Google? Almost every time they say a story isn’t being covered its pretty easy to find, but you have to use google.


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