Weekend quick glances

There are a few things worth taking a glance at this weekend:

  • The blogger at 75 Degrees South is leaving Antarctica. I’m really going to miss the pictures.
  • Abu Aardvark has an interesting analysis of the Arab press’s coverage of the Cartoon Jihad.
  • Econbrowser has an extremely interesting post on the state of electrical power generation in Iraq (which is, essentially, stalled). Here’s the bit that caught my attention:

    So why is energy being wasted while turbines sit idle for a lack of fuel? Zorpette writes that $300 million was budgeted in 2004 for the purpose of capturing wasted natural gas throughout Iraq for generating electricity, but was never spent. Zorpette writes that the money simply disappeared, with no one having a clue where it went.

    I think I’d find it a little tricky to just misplace $300 million but maybe that’s just me.

  • “Do you want to face God on judgment day with women’s driving next to your name?” Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad to me. I suppose where you stand depends on where you sit. Check out Saudi Jeans’s commentary on a Saudi book fair (which appeared to have a notable lack of actual books).
  • Sitrep on civil war in Iraq from Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail.
  • Crooks and Liars has the video of a statement by Bill Kristol on Fox News this morning to the effect that the U. S. has not been fighting a war in Iraq seriously.  I think that the statement is accurate as far as it goes but I also think that the U. S. has been fighting the war in Iraq as seriously as possible given the political realities at home.  That’s one of the main reasons that I opposed the invasion in the first place and, in my view, it was self-evident three years ago.  UPDATE:  there’s a transcript at Think Progress.

That’s the lot.

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