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There’s a report in the Pakistani English-language newspaper, The Nation, that Benazir Bhutto wasn’t killed by bullets or bomb blast but with some high tech weapon:

ISLAMABAD- Former prime minister and PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto was targeted with the latest laser beam technology, being used by the American forces in Iraq, PPP sources told TheNation Tuesday.

Baitullah Mahsud and Taliban don’t have such technology. After bomb blasts in Karachi on Oct 18, Mahsud sent two messages to Benazir in which he said that they have neither any hostility against her, nor would make any attempt to kill her.

“When Benazir was admitted to Rawalpindi General Hospital, Dr M Musaddiq Khan told a PPP leader that he saw such a case for the first time in his life. These wounds were not of bullets, Dr said and added that she had expired before shifting to the hospital and a part of her brain and blood had spilled over from her head,” the sources unveiled.

The sources said that both gunshots and bomb blast were a decoy to hide the real shooters. They further said that after the suicide attack, the ambulance also picked up a dead body behind the stage of Liaquat Bagh.

The sources said that a meeting of Benazir was scheduled at 9:30 pm with US senators after the Liaquat Bagh rally. In this meeting Benazir was about to expose rigging plans of the govt in the forthcoming elections.

The sources said that Benazir normally used two bulletproof vehicles and often changed vehicles during journey if she received important call. When the incident occurred, there was a distance of 20 to 30 metres between these two vehicles. At the time of incident, BB, Amin Fahim, Nahid Khan and Dr Safdar Abbasi were sitting in one bulletproof car while Farhatullah Babar, Dr Babar Awan and Rehman Malik were in the other. The sources also told that two wills of Benazir were presented in party CEC meeting. “These wills were written by BB herself; one was about her party while the other was related to her personal property”.

Hat tip: The Moderate Voice

There’s an old quip that “when you hear hoofbeats think horses, not zebras” and I’ll need more than unnamed sources to put much credence in an outlandish report like this. This looks to me like an attempt at blaming the assassination directly on the United States, which joins the roster of foreign scapegoats along with India and Afghanistan.

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