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I’m putting together an anthology post covering a lot of the issues of the day and digesting the information into tabular form. Topics will include abortion, health care, and trade and will examine the extreme views on the issues with some attention paid to what is done in other countries. As it turns out when people say “we just want what the Europeans have”, it ain’t necessarily so.

I’m accepting suggestions for topics to include in my table.

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  • James P Kirby Link

    I’d like to see discussions of the differences in residential zoning restrictions and in laws regarding professional certification and unionization.

    Also re marriage and family life: When marriage privileges vs. civil unions was under discussion in Vermont and elsewhere, it was discovered or claimed that over some 1000 benefits in tax rules and in civil and criminal law were accorded to married persons as opposed to singles, whether gay or straight. It’s my understanding that in Europe, there are few or no such privileges, making it much easier to live there as a single, whether alone or cohabiting. The same can generally be said about breeders vs. non-breeders.

  • walt moffett Link

    The European experience with wealth taxes, comparative personal and corporate taxation, and maybe comparative cost of living and salaries for the health care sector.

  • Roy Lofquist Link

    EU GDP per capita: $36,593
    South Carolina (ranked 46th) GDP per capita: $37,063

    Germany: $46,747.19
    Kansas (27th): $46,982

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