The Top Stories of 2015

According to Google the politicians people used their search engine to search for most in the United States were:

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Bernie Sanders
  3. Carly Fiorina
  4. Ben Carson
  5. Ted Cruz
  6. Deez Nuts
  7. John Boehner
  8. Marco Rubio
  9. Jimmy Carter

It’s pretty clear that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are proceeding based on diametrically opposed strategies, Trump along the lines of there’s no such thing as bad publicity and Clinton along the lines of what they don’t know won’t hurt me.

USA Today listed their most-read stories of 2015:

10. Terrorists and victims identified after Paris attacks.
 9. Cocaine and sex pills nearly killed Lamar Odom
 8. Bobbi Kristina Brown is ‘not brain dead’
 7. U.S. adds San Bernardino, Calif., to the map of mass shootings
 6. Supermoon lunar eclipse interest was astronomical
 5. The most-hyped fight in modern times killed boxing
 4. Shooter wanted everyone to watch him kill his former co-workers on live TV
 3. A hurricane beyond measurement approached Mexico
 2. Oregon community college shooting is too familiar
 1. Paris devastated by multiple terror attacks, mass casualties

or, in summary, stories about terrorism were the most-read.

I’ll open the question to the floor. What will the most-covered stories of 2016 be? The most-read?

I think the most-covered stories will be terrorism, European politics, and how awful Donald Trump is. As to the most-read stories, I have absolutely no idea.

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  • michael reynolds Link

    The election will be the big story. God knows what’s going to come out of the GOP, though my best guess is Cruz. Hillary will win the Democratic nom. Iowa, NH, South Carolina will all have their moments.

    I also expect to get hit again, here in the US, either by ISIS or Al Qaeda. Europe will almost certainly get hit again. Even money that at least one Syrian “refugee” will be involved.

    In Europe the border posts will start going up. Merkel and Cameron will be fighting their respective right wings. Anti-EU sentiment in the UK will grow.

    It’s about time for another disease scare – resistant bacteria, ebola, leprosy. . . something gruesome and unpleasant.

    But none of it really matters after January 26th, the most important day of 2016.

  • jan Link

    I think no doubt the most incessantly covered story will be the twists and turns of the the 2016 general election on the GOP side. With so many flamboyant, controversial characters involved the MSM will be ultra absorbed in analyzing, debating and excoriating every burp uttered by Trump, and those who wish to engage with him in their own diatribes.

    Another event that could upend the above story would be if Hillary was indicted, then there would really be turmoil to report. Other than that the dems are a yawn this year, with “The Burn” being nothing more than a tepid challenge to HRC, and O’Mallory an itchy rash at the outer contours of the democratic trio — those two being basically non-contenders.

    Also, another terror attack in this country would layer more fear onto the public discourse, as well as greater anger towards the democratic administration for treating terrorism with so much detachment and dishonesty.

  • Guarneri Link

    This is easy.

    After turning over roughly half the key front linesmen from 2015, and a lackluster first half, they finally gel and the Chicago Blackhawks become the first to repeat as Stanley Cup champions in over two decades, cementing their position in hockey history along with the Montreal Canadians and Edmonton Oilers.

    Ok. Ok.

    Good luck with the book, Michael.

  • Andy Link

    Based on the last several years, I think it will be mostly about the election, plus any terrorist attacks, plus any major mass shootings, plus any tragic deaths by major celebrities.

    Michael, it looks like you’re trending up! Good luck with the book.

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